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Employee Wellness

The rewards of wellness at work are enormous and it is time for employers and employees to reap those rewards.  We now have evidence that a culture of wellness provides measurable gains: fewer dollars spent on healthcare costs, increases in productivity, higher rates of recruitment and retention.

By incorporating Massage Therapy into your workplace wellness program you can:

 Lower Health Insurance Premiums through time
 Fewer Insurance Claims
 Increase employee retention
 Energized, more creative workplace
 Increased productivity
 Increased capacity for focus and concentration

Studies have highlighted the gains in productivity with lower rates of absenteeism, reduction of "presenteeism" (when employees are at work but have diminished productivity because of illness or stress), and other significant benefits to companies with wellness programs which include higher rates of employee engagement, higher levels of retention and recruitment leverage.

Inquire about on-site massage therapy for your company's employee wellness program.

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