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I believe that the best testimonials come directly from the people I've helped.  Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them. More recent reviews on Genbook Booking Page.
  • Sep 17, 2012 PUSH THERAPY IS THE BEST  I have found that PUSH massage therapy is the best way to release tension in my body and relieve pain. Alannah is one of the few therapists trained in this technique and she is very knowledgable and passionate about her work. I highly recommend her!

  •      Sep 14, 2012 Lower Back Pain  I suddenly got that extreme pain in my lower back. Alannah is very knowledgeable and explained about the impact my posture has on my body, since I'm on my feet and do lots of walking on my job. Her push therapy helped reduce the pain a lot. Looking forward to go again.

  •      Aug 15, 2012 Very professional, great results  I pulled a muscle in my back earlier in the day and it was really hurting. Alannah was great in doing an overall assessment of my body. She saw my posture was exacerbating my condition and took a holistic long-term approach to remedying my pain. Great insight, very professional. I'd highly recommend Alannah to anyone looking for a great massage therapist.

  •      Jun 26, 2012  Completely relaxed  I went to Alannah with tense muscles and that ache all over feeling. I left feeling relaxed and without pain for the moment. Always a wonderful experience.

  •      Jun 22, 2012 Firbromyalgia/lower back pain  Alannah is better than a chiropractor. I go in with pain, not able to move well and come out walking tall and straight. She tells me I might have a little pain after, haha, not true. I could run if I had to! Now, when I feel a little pain in the lower back, I don't wait until it gets too bad.. I've learned a lot from her about my body.

  •      May 21, 2012 Lower Back Pain  I had lower back pain playing 2 sports and Alannah's push therapy really helped reduce the pain a lot. I am so glad that I went and am looking forward to going again because it felt so good on my back.

  •      Feb 14, 2012 A little pain goes a long way for relief  I had a tension headache for a week with tightness in my neck and shoulders. And the back pain was so bad that I was havibg a hard time sleeping. I was thinking about going to the chiropractor, but decided to try some therapeutic massage. Anna explained the different types of massages and chose the one just right for my symptoms. There was some "pressure," but it was relaxing. The pain didn't disappear immediately, but after two days of a little soreness, the pain was completely gone.

  •      Dec 26, 2011 Excellent! This is the second prenatal message I've had, and my first with Alannah, and simply put, her message was SOOO much better, and had more long-lasting effects. I will definitely be coming back soon :)

  •      Dec 21, 2011 Great experience  Absolutely the best massage ever. I went to her after the marathon and it was great. This time I sent my son since he trains regulatly. We both would strongly recommend it to anyone.

  •      Dec 9, 2011 An hour of magicI live in Florida and every time I am in the Chicago suburban area I make an appointment with Allannah for a PUSH massage. She performs magic on my body. I feel like a new person for weeks. I can't wait to get back to the area for my next visit to her.

  •      Nov 20, 2011 The only therapist I would see over and over again  I have been going to Alannah since 2004 when she first started being a massage therapist and do far she's the best. She's very passionate at what she does and she's there to help you with your problem. I've had back problems for a long te and since Alannah started treating me my back problem is gone. Even though I don't have any issues I still continue to go to her if I just want to relax and reduce stress and tension in my body.. I wouldn't trade her for anybody. Still the best.

  •      Nov 14, 2011 Hurt so good! I had been experiencing some deep muscle/tissue pain for a couple of years and I tried yoga, massage, foam rolling, etc. with little relief. One hour with Alannah and I was feeling so much better! I am sold on her PUSH therapy and have already scheduled my next appt.

My experiences with Alannah have been great! I come away feeling relaxed and invigorated at the same time. Wish my schedule allowed me to use her services on a more consistent basis
by Mary Ann G - 10/01/2011
My first PUSH therapy session will not be my last. Alannah is excellent at what she does. I would recommend her highly. She is very thorough and made my entire experience relaxing and comfortable.
by R.H. - 09/18/2011
This is the first time I have had sustained relief from my back pain without seeing a chiropractor. She also gave me some great tips be relieve pain and improve my posture. I would highly recommend her!
by Kate C. - 09/11/2011
As a massage therapist myself, I have a hard time finding a therapist that fits my needs and actually knows what they are doing.. I have came across many therapists whose goal is to get you in, and get you out. Alannah showed compassion and true care for me and my body. She is amazing and I will continue to see her!
by R.A. - 08/28/2011
Alannah provides the best service and is very talented. My back was as tight as a drum from sitting at a computer for 8 hours a day. one treatment and my back is relaxing more everyday. I would highly recommend Alannah to any one in need of muscle therapy.
by Lois P - 08/16/2011
I hiave problems with leg pain and cramping. Alannah is an expert with PUSH muscle therapy and really helps to alleviate the cramping and lessen the pain. She's helped me more than almost anything else I have tried.
by Beverly J - 08/14/2011
I have tried many massage therapists before I met Allanah and now I would not want to go anywhere else. Allanah is very knowledgeable and constantly taking seminars to expand her knowledge. I rely on her to keep me young and healthy and she does because no one can guess how old I am. I recommend her highly and you will love her fabulous personality.
by Diane P - 08/08/2011
If you have fibromyalgia or any chronic pain condition, Allanah Kim is the one to see. My first time I went to her I could barely walk. After a session of PUSH therapy, I walked out of there with no problem.I've been going ever since.The first time you meet her, you will see how much joy she gets from helping people. She is compassionate and caring and she is like a walking encyclopedia for the body.She's always expanding her knowledge to help people. Better than physical therapy!
by pleased client - 08/05/2011
I went to see Alannah Kim upon my mother's referral. I was quite pleased with Alannah's work! She first has you lay on your sides, which optimizes tension relief in the hips and lower back. She is very strong, and her style puts you at ease. After this "side work," Alannah performs work on the entire body, with sufficient care and pressure. I felt great afterward! I would definitely give her a try, as she is one of the best therapists I've seen in the area, particularly for the rate
by Steve K. - 07/06/2010
I have utilized massage therapy for many years and I have founf Alannah to be one of the very best. She has excellent knowledge of the variuos muscle systems and a knack for finding the problem area and working out the ache/pain. She is also careful in taking into account any medical issues. I have been seeing Alannah regularly for the last two years and highly reccomend her. Last but not least, she is also a very nice person.
recommendation for all athletes, Soldiers, and average Joe's alike... by Seann - 05/07/2010
Alannah worked my entire body via Push Therapy on numerous occasions. Her experience and knowledge in massage therapy keeps me coming back every time I’m in town. I currently reside in Germany, and as a long distance runner and a Captain in the United States Army Infantry, with multiple tours in Iraq, my body is constantly under physical stress. 90 minutes with Alannah rejuvenates me in a way that words can’t describe. My last session with Alannah came after I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. Let's just say she "worked" Africa's highest mountain out of me. Simply amazing. I've traveled the world and trust me, Alannah has it. I can’t wait for my next visit to Chicago. Respectfully,SeannCPT, IN1-2 IN, 172nd BCT
"I could not believe it but my sciatic pain in the left leg went away after your therapy, it worked! I really feel MUCH better and only have a little feeling some times. So a few more sessions to make it even better." Meinhard, Libertyville, IL 11/17/2009 (about PUSH Therapy)

 Mrs. by Veronica - 09/29/2009
I had a Push Therapy from Alannah and had a rally good experience. The place is conveniently located in the historic center of Schaumburg and the price is very reasonable. The online scheduling is convenient as well. I like Push more than a Swedish massage because the treatment goes deeper and stays with you longer. I will be back on a regular basis.
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